You’re wonder what is the better way to uninstall MPLAB X IDE v2.30?

Wanna totally uninstall MPLAB X IDE on your PC? Then you should make the most of this trounbleshooting post. Keep in mind that, Windows’ own uninstall utility can be a bottleneck in users’ efforts to make their OSes clean & fast. Then, there’s the need to arm your system w/ an uninstaller program so you can effortlessly and securely remove MPLAB X IDE. Additionally, I have eye on Windows as not just as a operating system, but as a way to enabling you to know Internet junkware better. Now, move your mouse if you wanna learn how I fully delete MPLAB X IDE from my system.

How do I manually uninstall MPLAB X IDE on my Win7?

  1.  Gain the Admin rights.
  2. Close the following ”¬†| Microchip Technology Inc.” page if you too see it.
  3. Uninstall MPLAB X IDE - 1
  4. Locate MPLAB’s install file folder.
  5. Uninstall MPLAB X IDE - 2
  6. I open up Control Panel on my desktop, choose Uninstall a program in it.
  7. I locate the PUP MPLAB X IDE v2.30 in the programs list, launch Uninstall/Change option later.
  8. MPLAB X IDE - 3
  9. I wait… Then I say Yes to the Question window below to process the express removal procedure.
  10. MPLAB X IDE - 4
  11. In order to ‘entirely’ get rid of MPLAB X IDE, and to free up my disk space, I apply the option Yes to the following “Delete Persistence Directory” dialog box.
  12. MPLAB X IDE - 5
  13. And then I press the OK button on the “Directories to remove” box.
  14. MPLAB X IDE - 6
  15. From then on, I sit back and watch…
  16. Hit the OK button on the Info box below.
  17. MPLAB X IDE - 7
  18. Now, I restart my system. Search and delete leftovers, such as , under Safe Mode, so that I can wholly uninstall MPLAB X IDE.

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