Why doesn’t Windows’ “Add/Remove” help uninstall Filternet Premium?

Usually, we need to gain the Admin rights to perform the express uninstall process, as the removal procedure could need the top permission to initialize the UAC settings, or run system-level application “Microsoft Windows Installer” (aka, “.msi”), and alike. Now, try following the mini-post below to manually remove Filternet Premium from your programs list. For more newbies, you can also view the attached video demo to completely delete Filternet Premium. Please be careful when making changes to Windows’ file system and/or registry settings.

How do I get rid of Filternet Premium properly?

  1. I log on to my Win7 PC as the said Admin user.
  2. I direct close the following “Filternet Premium” page.
  3. uninstall Filternet Premium - 1
  4. I run Task Manager and then use it to force associated process “nsfx.exe *32” to terminate.
  5. uninstall Filternet Premium - 2
  6. Then I go to Control Panel on my desktop, press Uninstall a program.
  7. I check my “Uninstall or change a program” list, as you can see below, and then I locate d unused item and launch Uninstall.
  8. Filternet Premium - 3
  9. To automatically uninstall Filternet Premium, I simply click the Next > button on the following “Uninstall” wizard.
  10. Filternet Premium - 4
  11. If, you wish to partially get rid of Filternet Premium, you uncheck the additional option for wiping its software files and then, you hit the Uninstall button.
  12. Filternet Premium - 5
  13. Wait…
  14. Filternet Premium - 6
  15. I just follow the mentioned wizard to restart my system automatically, then.
  16. Filternet Premium - 7
  17. To me, I just wanna entirely uninstall Filternet Premium on my comp: to do so, I need to clean registry type traces under Windows’ safe mode, at a later date.

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