This post will help U cleanly uninstall Razer Cortex!

Commonly, Windows does not include the ability to help you remove Razer Cortex, as Cortex will add its service to your system’s Start-up list by default.

uninstall Razer Cortex - 1

Furthermore, Cortex is a .NET 4.5 based application, you too need to wipe that potentially unused component so you can entirely delete Razer Cortex from your machine. And, improper changes made to filesystem and/or Registry Editor could be putting your PC at the risk of being messed up.

How do I manually uninstall Razer Cortex for my own Windows 7?

  1.  Save or export all your personal info, including your gaming profile, then exit your Razer and/or associated account and then, quit the client from taskbar.
  2. uninstall Razer Cortex - 2
  3. Make yourself the Admin user.
  4. Go to Control Panel if you’ve saved it on your desktop, too.
  5. Enter Uninstall a program list, as usual.
  6. Locate your unwanted Razer Cortex in the programs list, launch Uninstall or similar options in the list.
  7. Razer Cortex - 3
  8. In order to “automatically” uninstall Razer Cortex, you hit the Yes button on the following “Uninstall” dialog window.
  9. Razer Cortex - 4
  10. Wait while your OS helps you get rid of Razer Cortex. And then, exit the abovementioned “Unisntall” wizard.
  11. Razer Cortex - 5
  12. Save your current work, have your PC restarted normally. Disable or delete (recommended) the mentioned Cortex service from start-up, and then remove the said .NET 4.5, clean related traces so you can wholly uninstall Razer Cortex.
  13. Razer Cortex - 6

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