Remove Shareaza (Uninstall Guide)

Shareaza was a good P2P data sharing agent. Yet, users chose to uninstall Shareaza, because reports and some feedback have shown that there was spyware and other sponsorware associated with the express installation which left inexperienced consumers hijacked browser programs. Further, users often met annoying plus unwanted content like “some gay nazi”, “p*rn chat/ woman” and the likes. To be fair, Windows’ default uninstall utility can helps delete Shareaza, the main application, without few problems. Yeah, how about other junkware you installed accidentally, your hijacked homepage and/or future software problem that could be worse than this Shareaza. Team has just upgraded an uninstall tool pro to help you guys thoroughly get rid of Shareaza and/or other PUAs you just do not like. For other skilled readers, you follow my video tutorial that should able to walk you through a clean uninstall of Shareaza. BTW, for 32-bit XP users, you need to take down the potentially unused “Visual C++ 2013″ so you can fully REMOVE Shareaza (V2.7.7.0).

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