How to Uninstall MiKTeX 2.9

How to completely remove MiKTeX 2.9 if you don’t even know how to use it on your Windows? Typically, you first try out the express uninstall routines, either Windows Control Panel or the original uninstaller file (in its installation folder).

Furthermore, maintaining a PC is usually complicated and it involves a lot of effort. As you may know, some potentially unwanted yet hidden traces (e.g., some temporary installation information, software settings, etc) would be left in the filesystem and/or Registry Editor. Cannot delete MiKTeX 2.9? Running a slow PC that’s been infected with bloatware? Do not miss out our next-generation uninstall tool pro below. Here’s an extra free lesson: the next time you go to some software download site to install some wanted item, remember: 1) scan your download; 2) test it if you have a VMware machine; perform the “customized/ advanced installation” mode; 3) say NO to any other options that could bring foistware to you. Now, save our must-have program uninstaller so you can effortlessly uninstall MiKTeX 2.9, so you thoroughly wipe all other junkware! Yes, our PUA cleaner was built for those Internet annoyances.

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