How to Uninstall DoNotTrackMe for Firefox

You apparently had better uninstall DoNotTrackMe for good, as its official website is up for sale. And, according to staff’s note, the said privacy tool can be installed to browsers’ Add-ons Manger section,

thus You should probably not be able to remove DoNotTrackMe via the traditional uninstallation routine (e.g., Windows’ “Add or Remove Programs” under Control Panel). And, to smoothly delete DoNotTrackMe, you should save your online activities and other stuff you’re doing, re-open your Web tools like Mozilla Firefox, check out the mentioned “Add-ons Manger”: employ Firefox’s own uninstall utility to get rid of DoNotTrackMe. If you’re new to such software configuration, please review the following video guide so you can safely uninstall DoNotTrackMe. Still unable to eliminate DoNotTrackMe? Having issues with wiping other unwanted software on your Windows? Give the below PUP cleaner a try, give yourself a break: the recommended uninstall tool will help uninstall DoNotTrackMe, and troubleshoot all other annoying software problems effectively.

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