How to Uninstall Classic Shell

Some users find that the Classic Shell’s editing options were still remaining on the right menu when they completed the standard uninstall of this Ivo Beltchev’s software. Then how to thoroughly uninstall Classic Shell 3.6.5/other versions of it on your Windows? Typically, we should exit the Classic Shell application as the Amdin user -> go to your Windows’ programs list (for W8, W7, Vista friends, you select the Programs and Features in Control Panel; and for Winxp guys, you enter the Add or Remove Programs in CP) -> find your installed edition of Classic Shell in the mentioned program menu above -> launch the provided uninstall option -> read and follow the on-screen wizards, including some additional options like keep/remove application settings during the uninstall process -> save and reboot your PC -> check your programs list and the right menu. Use the recommended uninstaller Pro if you’re having difficulties finishing the manual actions above.

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