How to remove SiteRanker

SiteRanker? Rank checker? Nope! There’s absolutely no reason to keep the said riskware! If you still think the app is safe to stay with, you had better review the following VT report I got months ago.

For me, a big malware fan, I love to install downware to get adware, hijackware and other greyware. Well, SiteRanker is NOT a safe product to touch, trust me: 1) for Windows starters, you should cleanly uninstall SiteRanker for good, as the mentioned app is just the variant of PC Fix Speed, according to the B/M VT documentation. 2) For intermediate readers, try following my video tutorial to manually delete SiteRanker from your own programs list. One more thing you should always keep in mind: such annoyances do not come to you, alone. Usually, they can be installed downware, which could be too frequently filled with sponsored projects. Okay, I can tell you that I got this SiteRanker during the express installation of Inbox Toolbar by Xacti, LLC. Cannot remove SiteRanker Need help with wiping other foistware? Save our next-gen anti-PUP program below.

PS: Here‘s the said VirusTotal analysis.

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