How can I help you uninstall Waterfox from your Windows?

Hello, visitors & readers! Today you can learn how to manually remove Waterfox from a Windows-based PC. To get you started, you can view the following video tutorial.

How to Uninstall Waterfox Properly?

  1. Save your personal information that’s been kept in the unwanted Firefox alternative.
  2. Then you had better gain the Admin rights now.
  3. Commonly, you can utilize Windows’ default uninstall option to get rid of Waterfox. To do so, hit your start menu, enter Control Panel ‘N then, choose “Add/Remove” or, “Uninstall a program”.
  4. Locate the target in the programs list and launch Uninstall option in the menu.
  5. Uninstall Waterfox - 1
  6. Now, you need to press the Next > button to process the standard removal.
  7. Uninstall Waterfox - 2
  8. Then, you hit the Uninstall button on the above Waterfox Uninstall wizard.
  9. Waterfox - 3
  10. Here, you should be able to complete the express un-install w/ success.
  11. Waterfox - 4
  12. Reload your program settings to make sure you’ve taken down the undesired Waterfox client.
  13. Save your work, restart your PC. If you’re experienced at modifying filesystem and/or registry hives, you can try searching then cleaning associated leftover items so you can cleanly uninstall Waterfox.

If you do not want to take the risk of crashing your operating system or, receive any pop-ups from your junkware, you should consider using the next-gen uninstall tool pro below. If you have any questions around any other PUPs, please feel free to tip us!

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