Hey! This is a must-know tip if you wanna uninstall Time Boss Pro…

As I’ve mentioned, you guys just cannot direct remove Time Boss Pro by using Windows "Uninstall or change a program" (Win8, 7, Vista) or XP’s "Add/Remove". For some security reason or self-protection mode, you need to first launch the "Prepare for uninstall" under “Options” part, or you would encounter an info box,

saying "Please stop Internet Explorer and Time Boss…", while you want to delete Time Boss Pro from your programs list. Well, the mentioned TIP or routine to successfully get rid of Time Boss Pro is this one: open "Time Boss Pro. Control panel" > hit Options tab > launch "Prepare for uninstall" option at the bottom of the Options section > re-use the standard uninstallation routine to uninstall Time Boss Pro. Still have trouble? Or suffering from other junkware? Then you should consider using the following PUP cleaner to forcefully get rid of all your undesired projects.

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