Remove BrotherSoft Extreme Community Toolbar

BrotherSoft Extreme Community Toolbar, or BrotherSoft Toolbar is just an especially annoying PUP, it is also a typical browser hijacker for most Windows users. In fact, it’s a hijackware developed by ConnectClient (FKA, Conduit), according to the Digital Signatures in its installation package. It’s hard to say the download of “Brothersoft Community Toolbar″ from 2002 – 2014 is good news. Please be aware that some high profile websites has joined the downware/ bundleware ring. For example, both Softpedia and CNET have its own online downloader. Plus we too found some security sites have been sponsored by the variants of Ask Toolbar! Cannot uninstall BrotherSoft Extreme Community Toolbar, this post can be the one you’re searching for. For regular readers, you had better use the following program uninstaller to thoroughly check out your operating system so you can cleanly and effectively get rid of all other sneaky items on your PC. And for advanced users, you follow the give video tutorial to manually delete BrotherSoft Extreme Community Toolbar and restore your browser configurations and/or your program settings under Windows Control Panel.

How to Uninstall Opera 11.64

Remove Opera alone? Or delete modified Opera and/or other completely annoying adware, spyware even malware you installed accidentally? It’s up to you. Please be cautious that some malicious download sites have been distributing so-called customized downloader/ installer —, a lead PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) issue expert-grade team, would like to call them downware. Downloading such setup file is risky enough, because the mentioned installation package would have a high detection ratio. Needless to warn you readers again, those aggressive setup file would seek every tinny chance to ruin your programs list, change your browser settings by installing some stubborn toolbars even browser malware! From this point, it will take longer than usual so you can cleanly get rid of Opera? For example, offers the said wild online installer so the site can feed its sponsors. If you cannot uninstall Opera via Add/Remove, or you’re having trouble with cleaning those foistware in your system, I’d like to recommend the below professional uninstall tool to you so you can easily get rid of all other unwanted items on your computer!

How to Uninstall SmartPCFixer 5.2

SmartPCFixer was found as a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program), which has been spread or sponsored as bundleware — too often, such annoying application has been classified as riskware. At this state, starters would have big trouble to cleanly remove SmartPCFixer 5.2 and other pre-installed items from his or her computer. What’s worse is that such poor optimization utilities or brands will frequently pop up fake alerts about those popular Windows errors (ie., user32, kernal, etc) and registry issues. Technically, such error-resolution clones are based on the almost same code, sharing the similar user interface. Wish to delete SmartPCFixer 5.2? Looking fixes for such foistware infection? This post will save you out and help you prevent and troubleshoot many other junkware issues on your Windows. All you have to do is to download the full-featured program uninstaller, install and run it later. With such next-gen PUP cleaner, you can cleanly uninstall SmartPCFixer 5.2, resolve problems that have been caused by half-gone apps and effortlessly fix hijackware headaches!

How to Uninstall Baidu Spark Browser

Baidu Spark Browser, another Chromium-based web browser, was reported to be bundled with additional yet completely annoying PUPs (“Potentially Unwanted Programs”). You too wish to remove Baidu Spark Browser and reuse the original Google Chrome? Download our professional yet easy-to-use program uninstaller that provides “Standard Uninstall option, ” Force/Complete Uninstall” and a browser cleaner. Those advanced features make it the best uninstall tool for Windows, it at least allows you to cleanly to delete Baidu Spark Browser thoroughly so you can secure your personal stuff. Please advised that Baidu’s IME was found to secretly index local essential data like IP addresses and send the collected stuff to their servers in China, according to the reports from NHK and the Yomiuri Shimbun. Had troubles with the common measures while trying to get rid of Baidu Spark Browser? Again, our PUP cleaner is a must, an extra protection for Internet foistware, including aggressive hijackers, adware, spyware even semi-malware etc. Force uninstall Baidu Spark Browser now and troubleshoot all other troubled installations on your computer!

How to Uninstall Nero Video 2014 v15.0

Cannot remove Nero Video 2014 v15.0? Wish to get rid of other completely annoying plus stubborn PUPs (“Potentially Unwanted Programs”)? and its professional PUP cleaner: the simple, ultimate option to delete Nero Video 2014 v15.0 and troubleshoot the mentioned PUPs the efficient way. Our lightweight yet full-featured uninstaller program is the one you need to thoroughly get rid of Nero Video 2014 v15.0 on your own computer. Please note, though, an incomplete deployment of Nero Video 2014 v15.0 would cause problems when you wish to start from scratch. For example, the installer will keep using previous software information that’s been left in your operating system. Plus, you guys may have installed the sponsored Nero Ask Toolbar accidentally — the infamous browser hijacker was embedded as an optional yet completely un-related junkware. Follow the attached Youtube video tutorial if you want to uninstall Nero Video 2014 v15.0 manually. Again, a clean un-installation of Nero Video 2014 v15.0 will take some time, energy, and some PC skills, of course – you need to identify and clear out Nero-related registry entries as well.

Uninstall EaseUS Partition Master 9.2.2

Typically, users can remove EaseUS Partition Master 9.2.2 and/or other versions of it via Windows’ “Add/Remove” applet — then you follow the attached video guide below to delete EaseUS Partition Master 9.2.2 manually if you have an original installation. Then what to do if the said uninstall option fails to figure out your such software configuration problem? Well, such annoying uninstall problem could have been triggered by buggy default uninstaller, some missing yet required configuration file like “uninst000.exe/ uninst000.dat”, and/or other essential stuff you have been deleted accidentally. It’s common knowledge that Windows’ built-in uninstall utility is far enough for its end-users to cleanly uninstall EaseUS Partition Master 9.2.2 and all of its unwanted leftover hives after the standard uninstallation procedure. Don’t worry, the following uninstall tool pro is the ONE you need – when you need it to forcefully get rid of EaseUS Partition Master 9.2.2 and/or other half-gone items, stubborn foistware, adware, spyware even semi-malware in your Windows-based operating system.

Uninstall Ubisoft ANNO 2070 DEMO

Cannot remove Ubisoft ANNO 2070 DEMO? Wish to get rid of other unwanted/ half-gone installations on your Windows? Our safe recommendation can empower your ability to delete Ubisoft ANNO 2070 DEMO, securely and successfully. The following uninstaller program is the new way to manage your current programs list and browser settings (ie., Web tools’ homepage/start page, search engine provider and other important settings for your Internet experience), to troubleshoot some unexpected/ stubborn/ annoying issues that could be caused by other aggressive foistware — that term includes adware, spyware, toolbars even semi-malware, typically. Only an uninstall tool pro effectively and thoroughly uninstall Ubisoft ANNO 2070 DEMO and help you resolve other troublesome software problems, including associated leftover items, for your PC’s performance, availability and stability, whatever you got. If, you really want to learn how to manually eliminate Ubisoft ANNO 2070 DEMO, below is the video tutorial you can follow. You’d better backup everything that matters before you start the process. And be slow, careful when you’re about to make any changes to the core of Windows, filesystem and/or Registry Editor.